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I'm Rachel Davis

As a Fortune 500 corporate executive in a male-dominated industry, Rachel spent more than 20 years in the trenches of corporate America climbing that proverbial ladder. During her tenure in the cubicle jungle, she successfully leads teams, projects, and work initiatives without ever compromising her femininity or diminishing her womanhood.  


When it came to love, Rachel wasn’t always successful. With a failed marriage in her past, she was determined to learn from her past mistakes, heartache, and tears. When she found herself married for the second time, to the man of her dreams, she was determined to make this marriage work…. Rachel went on a quest to learn all she could about men, and that is when “It” happened. “It” being a complete and thorough education when it comes to understanding “Men”.


Once mastered, Rachel began to share what she had learned with women all across the world.


Rachel is leading an entire generation of women from a stagnant place of mediocrity to a higher level of greatness, to be in tune with their highest self and attract the man of their dreams, all while creating an environment that will get his heart beating to her rhythm.  


Rachel’s goal is to add more value to your world in the space of love and confidence than you’ve ever dreamed possible.

Are you looking to make a real change?

Are you ready to create a life of passion?

Are you ready to get the love you crave with my help?  

My heart goes out to all the women who are not in control of their destiny.   I can say that with deep conviction because I too was that woman.  So much so, that I can call you out on all that is holding you back.  


How long are you going to allow disempowering relationships keep you stuck where you are?  


How long are you going to let men who don’t deserve you decimate your heart and cause irreparable damage to your soul?


How long are you going to lie in your bed at night craving a love that protects your heart while making love to your soul?


How long are you going to allow yourself to make the same mistakes with men over and over again?


How long is it going to take you to give in and get the help and guidance you need and are worthy of?


I’ll share with you this. I have lost count of the number of women I have helped reclaim their power in their life and their love life. To the point where they are in the driver's seat of their destiny and they are blissfully happy being there.  


Are you in control of your life and your destiny? If not, we should talk.


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Ever wanted to know why you keep attracting the wrong men?


Why he won’t commit to you, or why is it after the beginning stage is over, so is the passion?


Have you got questions about your confidence, femininity, or lack thereof?


Are you curious about men in general when it comes to love and relationships?


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Why I Can Help You

  • Over a decade of being blissfully happy and married to the man of my dreams!

  • Helped countless amazing, high-value women succeed in love!

  • Tried, tested and proven approach to helping women demystify men!

  • Best selling author of the Book Demystifying Men - The Blueprint.

  • Host events, retreats, and VIP days where women make massive breakthroughs that create positive life changes.

  • Empower women to create the love they crave in their lives before giving in to the notion that love is not for them.


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