Ladies and gentlemen, let me start this disclaimer by stating, this is not your parent’s retreat.   

Let's face it...

We are constantly on the move…. With work, adult responsibilities, the children, and life as a whole, we are entirely too busy to slow down and be.  We are not fully connected with the one that we love and it is affecting our relationships in a way that does not foster passion and intimacy.  


Does your heart desire a deeply enriching connection with your partner that causes you to have butterflies in your tummy each time you think about them?


Do you often reminisce on how things were at the beginning where you both had a deep and longing desire to be connected to each other all the time?


Do you miss showing up for each other in a magnificent way art shows how much you love, adore, respect, and appreciate each other?


Are you tired of your lackluster, boring, and mundane life and ready to create a dramatic surge of passion and intimacy in your romantic life that will fill the void that has been there for quite some time?


Are you finally ready to learn how the masculine and feminine are designed to coexist beautifully and passionately?


If you answer yes to any of these questions, this getaway is perfect for you.  Ladies and gentlemen, l am adding this disclaimer by stating, this is not your parent’s retreat.  I promise it will not disappoint.  

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